Státní zámek Bučovice, 685 01 Bučovice
Tel. +420 517 383 135, e-mail: bucovice@pambr.cz

   The valuable Renaissance architecture of this manor is evidence of the discerning taste of Jan Šembera of Boskovice, the building contractor, and the artist, with a broad cultural background, Jacop Strada, who drafted the project. The four winged manor with a rather severe front, but with three story arcades on three sides of the courtyard, was built between 1575 and 1585 by the master architect of Italian origin Pietro Gabri from Brno.


   Visitors to the manor will be surprised by the manneristic decoration of the Emperor's Room and the Bird Hall, which is unique to itself in Bohemia and Moravia. On the corner lunettes of the Emperor's Room vault, the figures, presented in full plasticity, (Diana, Mars, Europe, emperor Karel V.) in the foreground are bound with the painted scenery background, which is placed into the stucco and the decoration is painted masterfully. The depicted scenes and figures are taken from ancient history and Classical mythology. There are also beautiful paintings in the Venus Room, Hall of the Five Senses and the Castle Chapel. On the vault of the Hare Hall there are painted scenes from "the upside down world", in which hares act like people, for instance they battle in wars, serve their hare king at banquettes and they even catch people.