Jánský Vrch
Státní zámek Jánský Vrch, 790 70 Javorník
Tel. +420 584 440 286, e-mail: zamek@email.cz

   The present manor towers located at the former castle, which is recalled as belonging to the Duke of Vratislav in 1307. Shortly afterwards it was passed into the hands of the bishops of Vratislav and it stayed in their tenancy until the 18th century. The present building extends a little beyond the plan of its early Gothic predecessor, although it has passed through a series of constructional alterations. The first one dates back to the end of the 15th century when the castle, ravaged in the Hussite Wars and deteriorating in mortgage holdings, was reconstructed by the bishops, Jan Roth and Jan Thurzo (hence the name of Jánský Vrch, John's Hill).
   After the start of the 17th century there were new Renaissance buildings built with arcade loggia by the northern side of the former castle court. Jánský Vrch was subjected to an important reconstruction in the 18th century when the bishops, Filip von Sinzerdorf and Gothard F. Schaffgotsch, transformed the manor into a Baroque residence. Through modifications at the beginning of the 19th century Kristián of Hohenlohe gave the manor its present appearance.
   The manor, having austere facades from outside, hides quality interiors of historic styles of the 19th century, decorated with fine plastering and illusive ornamental paintings. A house with the art collections bears witness to the life style and hobbies of the high ranking church dignitaries.