Státní zámek Kynžvart, 354 91 Lázně Kynžvart
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  In the spa region of the Cheb district can be found the Kynžvart manor, refashioned in 1821 - 1836 in response to the Austrian chancellor W. L. Metternich into an Empirical manor. The construction was designed by the builder Pietro Nobile.

  There is a precious library, containing Medieval manuscripts, incunabula, and rare prints from the Benedictine monastery in Ochsenhausen, scientific books and encyclopedias for a series of scientific branches. In 1828 a museum was founded on the manor on the initiative of chancellor Metternich, where it is possible to see the collections of the natural history, coins, historical and technical curiosities, manuscripts, old Egyptian items, weapons, pictures, marble sculptures, and objects of Oriental art.