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   The present manor in Lysice was preceded by a stronghold from the 15th century and rebuilt in the first half of the 17th century into a Renaissance manor. After 1730 the manor obtained a true Baroque appearance. The last aristocratic owners were the Dubskýs of Třebomyslice at the start of the 19th century who ordered that the manor be adjusted by the local master builder F. Vašíček in the 1830´s. Thus, based to the project drafted by F. J. Thaler a charming residence with a unique covered gallery on a pillared pergola, closing off the eastern part of the garden, was built.


   Interiors of the manor evoke an atmosphere of the aristocratic residence of the previous century. Baroque and Rococo furnishings are complemented by collections of crystal and Oriental works of art. A placid impression emitted by rooms furnished in good taste is pleasantly refreshed by the collection of weapons of European origin, an integral set of Japanese weapons and, on the second floor, a collection of hand painted shooting targets. The most beautiful of the three manor libraries is dedicated to the well known Austrian writer, Maria Ebner von Eschenbach, née Countess Dubská.