Státní zámek Manětín, 331 62 Manětín
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   Manětín is mentioned for the first time in written sources back in 1169 when it was donated by King Vladislav II to the Prague Knights of St. John. At the close of the 16th century a Renaissance manor was built in the center of the town under the Hrobčický's of Hrobčice. After the fire of 1712 the then owner of the estate, Václav J. Lažanský (+ 1715) and his eventual wife and son ordered the construction of a new residence, which has an elongated ground plan in the shape of the letter L. Today there is a museum and publicly accessible manor interiors with simple furnishings. In the Baroque period the town was enriched with other beautiful structures, for instance, the pilgrimage Church of St. Barbara. The Gothic Church of St. John the Baptist was adapted as well and its tower received a typical Baroque dome with a belfry.
   All visitors of Manětín are surprised by the number and quality of the Baroque sculptures and devotional pillars, dating back to the end of the 17th and 18th centuries. The late Baroque burgher houses on the square and along the main street complete the coloring of the once important town, nearly forgotten, however, today.