Zámek Mikulov, 692 14 Mikulov na Moravě
Tel. +420 519 510 255, e-mail:rmm@rmm.cz

   The center of Mikulov with its oblong sloping square and the Church of St. Wenceslaus ranks among the most charming of historical Moravian town centers. Even when seen from a distance, Mikulov is dominated by the manor, which received its present appearance through a whole hearted reconstruction by its predecessor between 1719 - 1730. The Slavonic settlement was already discovered at the place of the manor so it is quite natural that a strong stone castle used to stand here, which was still substantially expanded by the Lichtensteins in later periods. In the first third of the 17th century the Cardinal Franz Dietrichstein played a considerable role in the development of the town as did the other members of his house after him.


   The manor interiors from the first floor upwards were destroyed by fire at the end of World War II so they lack historical furnishings at the present time. These are, instead, replaced by museum exhibitions relating to the surrounding region. The most extensive exhibition deals with south Moravian wine growing and viticulture.