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   The majestic complex of buildings of the Náchod castle stands prominently high above the city. It was preceded by the construction of the Medieval castle in the 13th century which guarded the path from the Czechoslovakian border. Hron from Náchod established both the castle and the city in 1254. In 1544 - 1621 the estate belonged to the family of Smiřičtí who reconstructed the castle as a Renaissance manor. The fortification was fortified for the first time during the period of Trčka in 1632. After the famous murder of Albrecht from Waldstein in Cheb, Erdman Trčka and his friend in 1634 the emperor Ferdinand II gave the Náchod castle to the Italian general Piccolomini who established his residence there. In order to make the castle fulfill both the functions of a fortress and a representative residence, Piccolomini called G. Pieroni and colonel de la Cron who drafted the project of fortification. The work on both the fortification and the castle buildings was directed by Carlo Lurago.


   An room of outstanding beauty is the Spanish Hall where early Baroque paintings of F. Harovník and G. Vanetti have been preserved, having been added by a rich Rococo stucco. The original early Baroque stucco has been preserved in the castle chapel. The most precious accessory items of the castle are the Brussels tapestries from the 17th century and the paintings of Pietro Snayrs and Joachim Sandrart.