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   The Medieval stronghold was rebuilt by architect U. Aostalli to a Renaissance manor (1580 to about 1590), repaired after 1669 and again before 1755 by Jan A. Auersperg. During 1800 - 1822 the manor underwent an extensive reconstruction in the Classicist style. The Auerspergs modernized the manor soon afterwards, this time in Neo-Gothic style.
   The interiors of the manor are furnished by various objects which have a common motive - horses. The exhibition consists not only of artistic and common objects connected with breeding of horses but also paintings, statues, china and faience with the same motive. Paintings by J. Mánes, J. Hamilton, D. Velázques and sculptures by Andrian de Vries and J. V. Myslbek prove that the most famous contemporary artists also loved horses.