Zámek Trója, 170 00 Praha 7
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   Václav Vojtěch, Count of Šternberk had a summer residence built in Trója since 1679. The manor was built by S. Carlone according to the project of J. M. Matheye even though he in his designs certainly had to respect the already founded shape according to the original project of architect G. D. Orsi. The statues which decorate the stairway in the garden was made by artists from Dresden, Jiří and Pavel Heerman, after 1685. At the same time with the manor was being built the garden.
   In the interiors of the manor some of which have valuable decorations it is possible to see an exhibition of the Czech art from 19th century as well as historical costumes from the collections of the Museum of Art. The newly installed exhibition recalling the times of Marco Polo illustrates the Far East in the old prints and maps.