Velké Březno
Státní zámek Velké Březno, 403 23 Velké Březno
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   The manor was built during 1841 - 1854 according to the plans of architect Foerster from Vienna for the supreme burgrave of the Czech Kingdom Karel Chotek, Duke of Chotkov and Vojnín. The shape of the small manor was changed considerably by a costly reconstruction during 1885 - 1910 which went according to the plans of architect E. Fleichner from Dresden. The manor in Velké Březno represents the type of a small aristocratic residence and also one of the last feudal constructions in this country.
   The historic interiors of the manor with its contemporary furniture recall the time of the Chotek family from which originated also Žofie, the wife of the heir of the throne František Ferdinand d'Este who together with him succumbed to the deadly bullets at the Sarajevo assassination.