Velké Losiny
Státní zámek Velké Losiny, 788 15 Velké Losiny
Tel. +420 583 248 380

   The present purely Renaissance manor was built during 1581 - 1589 by Jan Junior from Žerotín. Side wings were built at the same time with the main oblong building. The building was connected by cloister galleries in the courtyard. The outer shape of the eastern side wing adapted to the wall of the previous Medieval stronghold. The whole courtyard of the manor remained open on the southern side and only later was built around by lower buildings with massive pillar cloisters. Fortunately the manor was not affected by later significant modifications. A shadow on its history are the witch processes during 1678 - 1692 which afflicted dozens of innocent victims.

   Among the interiors stands out the large Renaissance banqueting hall. Very remarkable is also the hall of ancestors with the portraits of famous members of the Žerotín family. The manor stores a collection of paintings by Italian, Flemish and Dutch masters. There is also a remarkable collection of pistols, hunting rifles and other weapons.