Vrchotovy Janovice
Zámek Vrchotovy Janovice, 257 53 Vrchotovy Janovice
Tel. +420 317 835 181

   The original water stronghold was reconstructed by the end of the 16th century by the barons from Říčany to a Renaissance manor but as early as 1603 Janovice went over to the hands of the Vrtba family who performed various modifications. The most important of those took place during 1750 - 1766 under Arnošt F. Vrtba who rebuilt the manor in the late Baroque style. Before 1858, however, the building which was inherited by the family of Vratislav from Mitrovice was radically changed by a Romantic Neo-Gothic reconstruction.
   In the interiors of the manor with independent exhibitions (the Czech society of the 19th century, Rilke and Kraus and Vrchotovy Janovice, the Czech bell founding industry) there is an interesting stairway with wall paintings by F. Dallinger from 1862 and Rococo styled statues by L. Widman from the same time.