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   Zdislav Berka from Dubá built a Renaissance manor at the site of an older stronghold; the manor was restored after a fire in 1573. Julius Franz, the Duke of Saxon-Lauenburg, had the building repaired during 1670 - 1683 and modify it in the Baroque style, probably according to projects of G. D. Orsi and G. Brogio. At the beginning of the 19th century the manor went over to the Toscana branch of the Habsbourgs. Ferdinand V (the Habsbourg emperor during 1835 - 1848) chose Zákupy for his residence. At this occasion the interiors of the manor acquired valuable decoration on which took part architect J. Bělský, major Czech Romantic painter J. Navrátil and his colleague V. Kandler, sculptor V. Levý and plasterer J. Effenberger. The heir to the throne František Ferdinand d'Este had his wedding in the Baroque chapel of the manor on July 1, 1900.