Státní zámek Žleby, 285 61 Žleby
Tel. +420 327 398 121, e-mail: zleby@pusc.cz

   The original early Gothic castle was established before 1289 by the barons from Lichtemburk; it was destroyed by the Hussites and later restored again in the middle of the 15th century. The radical Renaissance reconstruction was overlaid by a top Baroque adaptation shortly after the middle of the 18th century but almost nothing of it has been preserved on the exterior of the manor. The reason is that Vincens Karel Auersperg (+1867) had the whole manor radically adapted in Romantic style by architects F. Schmoranz and B. Škvor. These gentlemen followed English models and gradually built an interesting building which however was criticized by the contemporary architects because it did not respect the previous construction development of the manor and moreover according to their opinions did not fit to the Czech environment.
   The remarkable interiors of the manor are fitted with valuable armor and many cold steel weapons. The historic furniture is complemented by its high quality copies from the 19th century. The decoration of the rooms is completed by a set of paintings, glass and other objects which add to the venerable impression of the spaces.