Správa hradu Helfštın, 751 31 Tın nad Beèvou
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   Originally a rather small castle without towers was founded by the robbing knight Friduš of Linava after 1306. The king Jan Lucemburskı took the castle away from him. The nobility of Kravaøe and Sovinec extended Helfštın substantially before the end of the century. Other extensions and in particular mighty fortifications were made by Vilém of Pernštejn and his son Jan. The effectiveness of the fortification system was apparent during the unsuccessful siege by the Hungarians in 1468 and the Swedes during the Thirty Years War.


   At the end of the 18th century Helfštın was abandoned, but ever since the 19th century an effort was put forth for its preservation. Among cultural events held every year at the castle, the meeting of art smiths has achieved international fame. Many of their works are permanently exhibited at the castle.