Hrad Loket, Zámecká 67, 357 33 Loket
Tel. +420 352 684 104

   Founded in the 12th century, the ancient town of Loket is situated, not far from the famous west Bohemian spa towns, dominated by the mighty structure of the Medieval castle fortress. In 1434 the castle and the town was given by the Emperor Zikmund to the Šliks, under whom expensive modifications of the castle took place. After the development of the town a long period of stagnation occurred, the gradual end of which was manifested by the building of an ostentatious early Baroque town hall and a broad minded modification of the church constructions. However, the castle lost much of its importance. It was predominantly utilized as a big storeroom and after 1822 it became a prison. After extensive restoration work, the castle is now open to public and serves as a museum with a permanent exhibition of china and it is also used for other cultural purposes. The center of the town gives a pleasantly impression.