Státní hrad Švihov, 340 12 Švihov
Tel. +420 376 393 378

   The water castle of Švihov built at the break of the 15th and 16th century on the site of a former stronghold under participation of the constructor Benedikt Rieto has an important place among fortification buildings. The core of the castle consists of two residential wings which enclose two internal regular yards. The presbytery of the chapel stands out from the moat in the east, in the west there is a mighty prism tower. Around the castle there was a settlement fortified by bastions and another water dike.
   The interiors of the castle illustrate the life in the 16th century. There are precious sculptures in the chapel, the armory of the castle is also remarkable. There is a valuable set of Gothic art from the collections of the National Gallery in the castle. Historical exhibitions alternate in the exhibition hall.