Hrad Valdštejn, 511 22 Turnov
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   An early Gothic castle build on three sandstone rocks in the second half of the 13th century gave its name to an aristocratic family which intervened into the Czech history several times and from which originated also the famous warrior Albrech from Valdštejn. After 1420 the castle was occupied by the Hussites and later predatory knights. In 1621 the Valdštejns reclaimed the dilapidated castle again and at the top of the Baroque period they built a pilgrimage site in the front part of the castle with the church of St. John from Nepomuk.
   The remarkable entrance bridges are since those times decorated by ten stony statues of the Czech patron saints. In the 19th century the whole complex was connected to a single guided tour and added by Romantic and Classicist buildings.