Hradec Králové
Informační centrum, Gočárova tř.1225, Hradec Králové
Tel. +420 495 534 482

   The town was preceded by a Slavonic fortified settlement, replaced later by a royal castle. The development of the town went on without interruption through the entire Medieval period, so that by the 14th century Hradec already ranked among the most architecturally rich Czech towns.
   The largest sacral urban structure is the Church of the Holy Spirit, a triple nave tower-like pseudo-basilica, founded by the Queen Eliška Rejčka in 1307. Between 1654 and 1666 the Jesuits built the Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary according to a design by C. Lurago and fitted it with valuable Baroque furnishings. Not far from the Jesuit college, M. A. Canevalle built a bishop's residence in 1709 - 1710, and the Marian sculptural group in the middle of the square is only a few years younger.