Informační centrum, Mírové nám., Litoměřice
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   The historical center of Litoměřice forms an impressive architectonic unit. Its historical part is predominantly influenced by Renaissance burgess buildings which are accompanied with Gothic objects subsequently growing in Baroque style (houses and fountains, Plague column from 1680-1685 by G. Broggio and A. Wald). The houses surrounding the town square have old, complicated and deep cellars even many storeyed ones. A part of the underground is reconstructed and open to public.

   An old Town Hall from the end of the 14th century is a dominant of the square. In 1537-1539 afer a fire, this building was reconstructed in Renaissance style. The district museum is placed in the interior at present. In rich collections there is an outstanding "Gradual of Litoměřice" from the beginning of the 16th century.