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   The origin of Třeboň dates back to the 12th century. In 1367 the Rosenbergs founded the monastery in Třeboň with the church of St. Jiljí. Approximately during this period the stronghold on the southwestern side of the town gradually changed into a small castle which was then considerably expanded before the beginning of the 16th century. During the period of the last Rosenbergs also the city changed its shape considerably. Beautiful townhouses in Renaissance style grew at the square, among the first the present hotel "White Horse" with a remarkable "fortress" architecture of the five story gable. The Třeboň town hall with additionally built tower dates about 15 years later (1563).

   The neighborhood of the city changed, too, especially as a result of founding or extending of ponds. The dike of the large pond Svět was built by Jakub Krčín from Jelčany mere 200 meters from the walls of the town and its filling up in 1572 was accompanied by considerable worries of the Třeboň burgess. Krčín however did not let himself to be discouraged and in 1589 he completed the construction of the pond of Rožmberk, at present with 490 ha the largest in Bohemia.

   The last aristocratic owners of Třeboň became the Schwarzenbergs in 1660 who remained the owners of the manor till 1945. During their rule the manor was extended at the outer buildings and some of the interiors were adapted; the visitors can see these on the second guided tour of the manor.

   Also very interesting is the tomb of the dukes in the park on the far side of the above mentioned pond Svět. The underground tomb above which there is a monumental Neo-Gothic chapel (open for the public) was built according to the model of the Italian Campo Santo the constructor F. D. Deworetzský. The chapel was consecrated in 1877 by the brother of the Duke Jan Adolf II, the Prague Archbishop Bedřich Schwarzenberg.