Technické muzeum Kopřivnice, 742 21 Kopřivnice

Tourists can visit two museums at Kopřivnice. At the Tatra Technical Museum, you will find the replica of the Präsident together with other Tatra make cars and lorries produced in Kopřivnice since 1897 until the present times. This museum was moved to new exhibition premises in the town centre in October 1997. In front of the building, there is laid open the boast of Tatra from the railway production period - the express motor coach Slovenská strela (Slovakian Shot). A Hall of Glory for the Olympic champions Dana and Emil Zátopek has also been established within the museum building.

The second museum in Kopřivnice - Muzeum Fojtství (the Bailiff-House-Museum) is situated in the Ignác Šustala parental house where you can find a permanent exposition dedicated to Ignác Šustala and some other prominent fellow countrymen, further an exposition of archeology and etnography. A genuine jewel among the archeologic exhibits is the bronze treasure from the middle of 8th century B.C. and the so-called Šostýn Venus from the early 14th century found at the Šostýn castle. The attic part of the building has been restructured into an exhibition room and in the former bailiff's barn, there are exposed samples of road carriages and britskas produced in the first Šustala's workshop. The adjacent area of the old cementery incorporating the Šustala's workshop.