Zámek Žirovnice, 394 68 Žirovnice
Tel. +420 565 494 095

   Žirovnice is first mentioned in 1345 when it belonged to Oldřich from Hradec whose family probably established it. In 1485 Žirovnice was bought by Václav Vencelík from Vrchoviště and shortly afterwards had the castle rebuilt, extend and also paint. The author of the frescos on the walls is not known, his interesting work has however been preserved in extensive fragments.
   During the following centuries the barons from Gutštejn, from Hradec, the family of Slavata, Šternberk and the municipal council of Žárovnice did not enrich the manor in any important way. The interiors are therefore furnished in a simple manner and are used today for exhibitions and for cultural purposes.