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   In a valley of the Úhlavka river, not far from the town of Stříbro, a former Benedictine monastery is situated, founded by the duke Vladislav I at the beginning of the 12th century. The area's present appearance originates from the first third of the 18th century. This area is dominated by the abbey church, refashioned according to a design by Jan B. Santini in the Baroque Gothic style. Prominent artists of that period, for instance, the Asam brothers, K. Legát, and the sculptor's workshop of M. B. Braun took part in decorating and furnishing the interior.

   There is an old convent situated at the southern side of the church, and standing eastward of the former one is an old prelature and southward a structure of the new convent, the design of which is ascribed to Kilián I. Dientzenhofer. The library from the 19th century plus the collection of statues from Valeč, sculptured by masters from the group of M. B. Braun, are also made accessible within the frame of the exposition.