Klášter v Sázavě, 285 06 Sázava
Tel. +420 327 321 177

   The former monastery of the Benedictines of Sázava was established in 1032 by the Duke Oldřich, the first abbot was the hermit Prokop who was later sanctified. The local important center of Slavonic education perished in 1097 when the monks from Břevnov arrived and introduced Latin liturgy.
   One of the oldest preserved parts of the monastery is the architecturally famous chapter hall (around 1340). Its walls bear valuable wall paintings from around 1370 with themes of Lady Mary. The cathedral of the monastery from the 14th century was also generously designed and adapted during 1663 - 1687. The furnishing of the church is from the 18th century; it contains a remarkable painting on the main altar by Jan P. Molitor and sculptures from the works of Richard J. Prachner.