Klášter a zámek Třebíč, 674 01 Třebíč
Tel. +420 568 840 518

   The monastery in Třebíč was established by the Benedictines around 1101. Around the middle of the 13th century the original sacral building was replaced by an elongated three nave basilica with an interesting closure containing rosette windows and a pillar portal in a vaulted anteroom. There are also numerous ornamental and figurative decorations in the architectonic sections. The church of the monastery was restored between 1725 - 1737 according to the project of František M. Kaňka and later again by K. Hilbert between 1924 - 1935. The buildings of the monastery were adapted to a manor as early as the 16th century, later they were changed to a Baroque style by the Waldsteins.
   Today there is a museum in the manor with an exhibition of Moravian moldavites, rocks, minerals, pipes, Christmas cribs from Třebíč and folk art from the highlands.